Processor 1.4 Ghz / 512 Mb RAM / Disk 2 Go / Video Cadre Compatible Direct X9
Thanks to the 16 titles and the hundreds of game play hours offered by this collection, you will enjoy progressing in varied and distinctive universes with characters whose personalities are bewitching and with deep psychological dimensions. Role-playing - Crystals of Arborea, Ishar I, II and III -, strategic - Deus, Robinson’s Requiem, Storm Master, Targhan -, adventures - Colorado, Maya, Metal Mutant, StarBlade, Targhan -, or even arcade games - Boston Bomb Club, Bunny Bricks, Wind Surf Willy -, give to this collection of Silmarils’ games all its magnificence and uniqueness. Go for adventures and discover again the magic atmosphere of the 90s video games which captivated more than one gamer!